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Need for Stiff Pallets

Why is the stiffness of the pallet important?

So why does stiffness matter? If the pallet is not strong enough then the boxes will be damaged by the pallet. If the pallet bends, there is no longer equal contact between the box and the pallet deck. -pallet also increases the pressure points concentrated in each box. If the lower boxes face too much pressure, you add, then it may cause damage to the product within them.

Sturdy palettes also help to reduce vibration, which can be critical to sensitive products such as electrical equipment. The server rack, for example, may have a computer chip on the motherboard that may be sensitive to a certain vibration range.

The importance of pallet durability is emphasized in the research paper by Virginia Tech, The effect of the durability of the pallet deck on the compression strength of corrugated metal boxes. The compressive strength of the palette box can be obtained by designing the unit volume in many ways, noted the researchers. Typically, the compression capacity of the boxes increases by adjusting the board distance and flute type. The firmness of the pallet, however, also plays a role.

Solid palettes can increase box compression strength by 27-37%

The researchers found a 27-37% increase in compression strength boxes supported by high-strength pallets compared to low-strength pallets. The fact that the boxes were weak on low-strength pallets, paper notes, can be explained by the uneven distribution of pressure between the pallet deck and the bottom layer of the boxes.

The moving company ranges from a 9.5 mm dash board (low durability) to 15. 9 mm (high medium durability) can achieve a cost of reducing packaging of $ 1.84 per unit load or up to $ 1,840,000 per company shipping one million pallets per year.

When it comes to hard and solid wood, dense deck boards are best. Sturdy is also an important consideration for some pallets, such as plastic. The durability of a plastic pallet is enhanced by the use of steel or fiberglass inserts.

While sturdy pallets can provide storage space due to unequal box pressure and reduced vibration, they have other advantages. Solid unit loads are easily handled by operator equipment. They may need a bit of flexibility to stabilize and are less prone to changing loads, a problem that may require forklift operators to work slower. Disable dashboard boards that sink under load can also interfere with the entry of palette jars to the palette, wasting time and disrupting unit load.

Understandably, the cheapest pallet usually does not offer the full value of a supply chain. The durability of the Pallet is an important consideration and should be evaluated in accordance with the design of the box.

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